Remy Scott-Flynn (Scotland), Health Education and Promotion
My aim is to advance sexual health education and help reduce teenage pregnancies

“I have a Bachelor of Arts in Community Education from the University of Edinburgh and have worked a lot in low-income communities and schools where teenage pregnancy is a real issue. I decided that in order to change things, I needed more knowledge of all the aspects that influence behaviour, which made me look for a suitable master’s programme.

The choice to come to the Netherlands wasn’t difficult because this country is very open and friendly and has a positive attitude towards sexual education. Besides that, I also have relatives and friends living here. I looked at different master’s programmes and at other universities in the Netherlands, but in the end decided for this programme because it fits perfectly with my passion, which is making a difference in the community. Where I come from, the teenage pregnancy rate is very high, which hasn’t changed a lot over the last few decades, and has a huge impact on the community. I’ve worked as a volunteer and in paid jobs that focussed on health promotion among fairly low socio-economic groups in Scotland, but also in New York and California. Young people in sexual health classes should be able to direct their questions to someone qualified to answer them.

The change from a Bachelor of Arts to a Master of Science took some getting used to, and combined with finding accommodation and a suitable bike, made for a busy start of the academic year. My dream job is working for the Kinsey Institute or Guttmacher Institute as a researcher or educator. My focus is on researching sexual health and the education of young people and the wider community, in order to help prevent teenage pregnancy and to promote sexual health in general.”

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