Bram van Steen (the Netherlands), Biomedical Sciences
Defining and designing a cutting-edge research project would be a dream come true for me

Bram van Steen is from the Netherlands and he chose to come to Maastricht for the master’s programme in Biomedical Sciences. Bram: “This is my second year of the TOMA Double Degree Master’s Programme. After spending the first year in Siberia, it’s definitely nice to be back in Maastricht. I feel very privileged to have been the first student to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

My interests lie in the field of mathematics, physics and health. I started to do my bachelor’s in Delft, combining the programmes in maths and physics, but halfway through I realised I missed the health component too much. I then came to Maastricht University for the bachelor’s programme Biomedical Sciences. In this programme I could combine all my favourite topics. When looking for a master’s programme, I learned about the new TOMA Double Degree Programme, combining a master’s programme in Physics at Tomsk State University and a master’s programme in Biomedical Sciences at Maastricht University. This combination suited me to a T and the chance to spend a year in Siberia is of course a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For my senior internship I will partake in a research project about tissue regeneration, which is a topic that could potentially break new grounds. It’s a great feeling to be involved in something that is relevant for society.

So far, I’m very inspired by the programme. It definitely gives you a broader perspective as a researcher but with all the add-ons - your fellow-students from all parts of the world, my own Siberian adventure, the problem-based learning environment - you develop invaluable aspects of your personality as well. After this second master’s programme, I would love to do a PhD. Being able to pioneer in cutting-edge research for four years would be a dream come true.”

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