Florian Pohl (Germany), Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
I want to look at public health on a European level

“After completing my bachelor’s in Health Economics in Munich, I wanted to stay in the field but gain a new and wider perspective on a European level. I definitely wanted a one-year master’s programme and to study abroad, which put Maastricht University on my shortlist from the beginning.

I also looked at master’s programmes in England, Scotland and Ireland, but studying in the UK is so much more expensive and friends of mine studying in Maastricht told me about their great experiences here. I knew from the rankings that Maastricht University is a very good university, so the choice was easy. The Problem-Based Learning method was new to me and I definitely think it’s an interesting approach. I also love the international atmosphere, with fellow students coming from the UK, Belgium, India, the US and of course the Netherlands and Germany. After this master’s study, my dream start to a career would be a traineeship of 15 months or longer with a company at different locations, preferably abroad, which combines my knowledge gained in this master’s study with economics. I’d love to work in an international environment with lots of opportunities to travel, with colleagues not all coming from the same place. I think this master’s programme is an excellent preparation for that.

For the time being, however, I enjoy life in Maastricht. It’s nice and convenient to navigate on your bike, which is an essential asset here. And luckily for me as an ardent Bayern Munich fan, there’s an Irish sports bar right next to where I live!”

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