Emke Bosgraaf (the Netherlands), Mental Health
As a psychotherapist, I can fight stigmatisation and taboos regarding mental illness

“I have a PhD in theology but I’ve always wanted to become a psychotherapist as well. I’m not what you’d call an ordinary student because even though I have a PhD, I still had to get a bachelor’s degree in a health-related study before I could start the master’s programme in Mental Health. During my bachelor’s in Health Sciences, I chose Mental Health as my second-year specialisation to help prepare me for the master’s programme.

The master’s programme is very focussed on clinical experience, and I work four days a week on an internship. On Fridays, we have lectures and peer review meetings with fellow students who all work in different internships. Our peer review supervisor works as a therapist himself. My fellow students have very different backgrounds and many already have quite some work experience. Combined with the Problem-Based Learning setting, this is an ideal way to learn a lot in a short period of time. That’s another thing I like about this master’s programme.

When I graduate, I plan to work as a psychotherapist or psychologist. I feel like a man with a mission, my mission being to fight against the stigmatisation of people with a mental illness.”

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