Pasquale Finaldi (Italy), Epidemiology
My ultimate goal is to work as an epidemiologist and contribute to society

“I already have degrees in Business Administration, Anthropology and most recently in Public Health, after which I worked for several years as a programme manager of medical projects in developing and low-income countries. It was during my master’s programme in Public Health in Bangkok and during my latest job that I become interested in Epidemiology. I decided I wanted to develop my skills and gain more knowledge in this particular field and started to look around for master’s programmes.

Of course, I looked at different universities in various countries, but Maastricht came out top of my list for a number of reasons. This is a young and very dynamic university, and it’s highly ranked internationally. I like the area, which has been important from the Middle Ages, and in Italy we’re keen on medieval history! I was also attracted to the Problem-Based Learning method, which is so much more interesting and interactive than the average study programme. With the international setting of the classes, this makes it all very lively. Besides, Maastricht is easy to navigate on a bike and I simply love cycling. Being able to cycle wherever you want is a dream come true for me.

My ambition is to work as an epidemiologist or a position closely related to that and contribute to society, to give something back. A position in a hospital would be very rewarding, I think. Being quite a bit older than my fellow students is a challenge in itself. I’m actually putting quite some effort into helping my classmates overcome the age difference. As far as I’m concerned, I love the student life and wouldn’t mind to keep on studying. Using your brain to solve the problems you’re facing is what I really like.”

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