Telephone / Internet / TV

There is huge range of options from many suppliers with combination deals of TV, telephone (bellen) and Internet (surfen). You then just pay a monthly fee.

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Cable TV is cheap and widespread. The main provider in Maastricht and its surroundings is Ziggo and included in the standard package are BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC World and CNN alongside Dutch channels which include the government-owned Nederland 1, 2 and 3 and RTL 4, 5, 7. You will also receive Veronica, Net 5 (quality films and drama including popular US serials), National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Local TV channels are another option. For the Limburg province it is L1. Subtitling, rather than dubbing, is used except for children's TV. For more films, sport, or other interests, you can select different options for an extra payment. Check out  for coverage in your area (by postcode) or compare prices at  or at any of the suppliers. You get a media box and then pay for your chosen option. Satellite TV is also possible but you will need to be able to fix a dish facing in the right (southern) direction and (of course) there are regulations. 


KPN is still the main supplier for landlines. The easiest way to get connected is often to visit a KPN Primafoon shop with appropriate identification and they can set it up. There are many additional services such as voicemail, call waiting, discounts for favourite numbers etc. and deals in combination with Internet and TV. For really cheap international calls though, you can have calls charged via a cheaper provider. For instance, you rent the line from KPN but the calls go through Tele2, for example, or register with bel1649  or use an international calling card which you can buy from independent call shops. In all these cases, you key in a combination of codes before dialing overseas. Internet telephony (such as Skype) is becoming more common. To use a public phone you will need to buy a phone card from a supermarket or newsagent.

Mobile telephones

KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile are the main suppliers for mobile telephones. Shop around or compare the latest rates on  (in Dutch). You will need proof of address and income and a bank account to sign a deal. A prepaid phone is more expensive but you can top it up with cards from supermarkets. If your phone is unlocked, you can buy a Dutch SIM. Every phone has a unique IMEI serial number (enter *#06# to find out yours). You will need this when reporting a stolen phone. 0800 numbers are toll free; 0900 numbers are charged (per call or minute).


All kinds of dial-up, ISDN, ADSL and cable options are available which can be combined with telephone and TV deals. Depending on the current TV channel deals, you might go for a TV option from one supplier and telephone/Internet from another. You can compare deals at  . It will take about five days to set up.