Taskforce Learning & Innovation

From left to right:

Trudie Schils (SBE),
Stefan Jongen (FSE),
Anke Sambeth (FPN),
Patrick Bijsmans (FASoS),
Janneke Hooijer (Academic Affairs),
Carla Haelermans (SBE) and
Anique de Bruin (FHML).

Not in this picture is Sjoerd Claessens (LAW). 

Dr. Trudie Schils

Dr. Trudie Schils is Associate Professor in education economics at the department of Economics of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE). Her current research focusses on the analysis of both student- and school performance. She is interested in the role and limitations of using tests to measure such performance, as well as in the various determinants of performance. Additionally, she is one of the theme leaders of the research theme ‘Learning and Work’, coordinates the MA specialization ‘Education and Labour Economics’, and is programme manager of the ‘Educatieve Agenda Limburg’.

Stefan Jongen

Dr. Stefan Jongen is educational specialist at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). He coordinates the University Teaching Qualification trajectory and the Continuing Professional Development for faculty teaching staff. Currently he is involved in a university-wide innovation project aimed at examining the challenges students face in dealing with information as part of their learning process. This project will also result in a generic and domain-specific information literacy framework to implement within the curricula. 

Dr. Anke Sambeth

Dr. Anke Sambeth is Associate Professor and the Education Director of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University. In addition to taking part in developing and implementing the teaching policy at the FPN, she conducts research on the neurobiology of learning and memory. In her research, she manipulates memory processing by using several short- and long-term memory paradigms, and assess memory performance after certain drug-induced changes to the brain, in both humans and animals. Additionally, she examines the brain activity that occurs during memory tasks.

Dr. Patrick Bijsmans

Dr. Patrick Bijsmans is Assistant Professor in European Studies at Maastricht University’s Department of Political Science. He is also co-opted member of the governing committee of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies. Patrick's research predominantly deals with media and Euroscepticism, but also with issues related to teaching and learning in European Studies. Patrick teaches BA and MA courses in the field of European Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He is also faculty coordinator of the Continuing Professional Development programme for teaching staff and co-editor of the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog.

 Website: patrickbijsmans.weebly.com
 Twitter: @PatrickBijsmans

Dr. Janneke Hooijer

Dr. Janneke Hooijer is senior policy advisor for research at Academic Affairs, part of the Maastricht University Office. She has worked on a diverse portfolio of projects, such as the development of the Quality Agreements, the research funding strategy and – recently - the language policy. Previously she held positions as Assistant Professor at the Open University in the field of teacher professional development and as research coordinator for the Center for Brain & Learning.  

 Twitter: @j_hooijer

Dr. Carla Haelermans

Dr. Carla Haelermans is Associate Professor in educational economics at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Maastricht University. Additionally, she is a member of both the general economics department and the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market. Her main research interests are in education economics and labour economics and inequality. Furthermore, she is the educational director of the MA of Evidence Based Innovation in Teaching, is one of two national coordinators of the Netherlands Cohort Study Education, and is the PhD director and a member of the Management team of the Graduate School of Business and Economics.

Dr. Anique de Bruin

Prof. Dr. Anique de Bruin is an educational psychologist and works as full Professor at the Department of Educational Development and Research & Graduate School of Health Professions Education. Her main research interests lie in the field of metacognition and expertise development. More specifically: how can we promote self-monitoring and self-regulation of learning activities in students and professionals (in training)? She conducts research in the domains of text comprehension, problem solving, and clinical reasoning. She currently leads a Vidi project on how students regulate effort during learning activities and an NWO-PROO project on the effect of nudging to improve self-monitoring and self-regulation of learning.

Sjoerd Claessens

More information will follow soon.