Information for teaching staff on how to support students with a disability

With the right aids and support, students with a disability are fully capable of successfully completing their studies. Maastricht University is highly motivated to help facilitate such support for its students.

What is your role as teacher in this?

You will likely not need to change the way you interact with your students. After all, all students want to be treated with respect, and this is no different for students with a disability. However, do make sure not to rush to judgements about students. Rather, try to be patient and engage with students directly with any questions you might have. In addition, it is important that you make sure your teaching materials and classes are easily accessible to students with a disability.

Intranet provides teachers with information and tips on assisting and supporting students with a disability  , concerning both social and practical/educational interaction. You can find information on preparing a lecture, presentation or study materials in an accessible way, and on how to accommodate students with different disabilities just to name a few. 

In addition, the webpage ‘Studying with a disability’, and its subpages, which were set up to provide students with practical tips about studying with a disability and with information on the aids and support UM offers, might also be interesting to staff wanting to support students with a disability.