Study at SBE during COVID-19

The School of Business and Economics welcomes you to campus after summer!

As of August, the Dutch government has announced that education can safely take place without a metre-and-a-half social distancing. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that, at the start of the new academic year, we expect all students on location for their education-related activities. On this page, we explain what education activities and introduction activities will look like at the School of Business and Economics as of September. 

Introduction activities

The faculty introductions and INKOM are events with many participants. Of course, we want to organise these events as safely as possible. 

  • For the faculty introductions of the School of Business and Economics, this may mean that certain activities (particularly those with a large number of participants involved) might still take place online. You will receive the invite to the faculty introduction days in the second week of June. Please do not forget to register for the event so that you can take part in the proposed activities and meet your fellow students!  

  • For the INKOM, all activities will be arranged in such a way that they can take place safely and responsibly within the rules and on location. 

Moving to Maastricht


One-stop information platform for international students 

Are you an international student who is planning to come to Maastricht? Are you looking for information regarding Health, Transport, Housing and Finances as well as Sports, Media and Community in Maastricht? Then Mymaastricht is the place for you! is the one-stop information platform to help international students find their way in the city. They reach students via their website, blog and social media, as well as by running workshops during the University open days. Mymaastricht works with the University and the 'Gemeente' (the local municipality) to help give students the best start to their life in the city.