Study at SBE during COVID-19

We understand that, in these uncertain times, it is difficult to assess what the new academic year will look like. To help you better understand what you can expect next academic year, you will find on this page on our educational model for the next academic year as well as information related to student life and safety measures on campus.

As the spread of the coronavirus slows and the infection rate goes down, the Dutch government has been adapting COVID-19 related reactivations and rules. As such, we are hopeful that university education will be returned to normal in the near future. Till then, we are very pleased to share that from July onwards, the Netherlands has entered a new phase with less restrictive rules, already making it easier for you to interact during introductory events and enjoy student-life in Maastricht.

  1. Education at SBE
  2. Introduction days
  3. Student life

Education at the School of Business and Economics

In light of the corona crisis, we promised to keep you updated on how we plan to shape education at Maastricht University (UM) School of Business and Economics (SBE). Because we believe studying is more than education, SBE has chosen an educational approach that will offer both high-quality education as well as moments of socialisation and interaction with your fellow students on campus as much as possible given the circumstances. While we look forward to welcoming you on campus, we are also preparing online alternatives for students who are not yet able to come to Maastricht.

Educational format periods 1 and 2 Academic Year 20/21

The new academic year at UM will start as scheduled on 31 August 2020. The starting point for next academic year’s education is the motto: ‘Education takes place “on campus” if possible, online if necessary'. Based on this motto, SBE has developed a new educational format for the first two education periods (September-December 2020) of the coming academic year (2020/21). In December, the situation will be re-evaluated, and hopefully we can go back to full education on-campus again and you can all join.

We will continue using Problem-Based Learning (PBL), with a lot of interaction between students and teachers. We will make the most of the space we have so that you can safely come together in the ‘international classroom’ to collaborate, socialise and interact. In a PBL setting, each course consists of tutorial groups, self-study and lectures. Below we describe what you can expect for these three aspects of PBL for the first two education periods of the coming academic year:

  • Tutorial groups are essential for Problem Based Learning. Tutorial groups will take place online and will be complemented with small team sessions. If you are present in Maastricht, your team sessions will be on campus. If you are not able to travel to Maastricht due to COVID-19 related measures, your team sessions will take place online. For those on campus, this means that you will have two hours of online tutorial sessions and two hours of on-campus team sessions per week, per course. In general, you have two courses per course period. A tutor will supervise all team sessions, navigating between groups both online and on campus. Maastricht University will send out a survey in the coming days in which you will be able to indicate whether you will attend courses online or on campus.
  • Individual self-study: You can carry out your individual research this online and/or in several learning spaces throughout UM’s campus. With the reopening of our school’s buildings, approximately 25% of the existing learning spaces will be available. The Inner City Library is open to up to 100 students as of 1 July and will gradually increase this number whenever possible.
  • All lectures will take place online and recordings will be available throughout the course.

We are currently running a survey amongst our students to get their input on the online education so far, their comments will also be used to shape our education.

Do you still have questions about the educational format after reading these explanations? Then please visit our FAQ page. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions on topics such as exams, attendance and education strategy for the rest of the year. 

Safety at the School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics will be opening up its buildings in phases as part of UM's smart start-up approach. On 25 May, we started phase 1, initiating a pilot at the School of Business and Economics main building. A task force dedicated to this project has been preparing different measures and guidelines to ensure that all safety protocols can be followed.  A video of the pilot opening will be available soon. 

Smart start-up pilot SBE

Learning spaces 

Individual self-study can be organised online and/or in several learning spaces throughout UM’s campus. With the reopening of our faculty buildings, approximately 25 of the existing lounge spaces will be available. The inner city library is open up to 350 students as of 1 July and will gradually increase this number whenever possible. There are also many other facilities across Maastricht that are open respecting the 1,5m distance protocol. 

Universiteitsbibliotheek Binnenstad - campus tour

Check out our new faculty building: Tapijnkazerne

Did you know that all (except one) master programme's from the School of Business and Economics will be taught in our brand new Tapijnkazerne building? In this video Shula shows you around the Tapijkazerne and tells you more about the different facilities! It goes without saying that here too we will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our students. 

Tapijnkazerne - Sneak preview met Shula Mensah

Faculty introduction days

SBE intro days

To get your academic year off to a good start, various introductory events are being organised. We are currently in the process of changing the setup of our introduction days to make them corona-proof. It’s very likely that a big part of the activities will take place online. Despite this, we will make sure that you'll have the opportunity to get to know the University, the School of Business and Economics and your fellow students! By participating, you will have the best start to your new adventure! Make sure you join us.

Want to find out more about the INKOM (general introduction week in Maastricht for ALL new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences), please visit their website or social media @INKOMmaastricht

Student life in Maastricht

What can you expect from student life in Maastricht during COVID-19? There are of course some basic rules that we are all asked to abide by (1.5m distance, wash your hands, stay home if you show symptoms, avoid the hustle and bustle) but fortunately, many activities are allowed again in Maastricht. You can enjoy a drink on the terrace with your friends, have dinner at a restaurant, visit museums and cinemas, go to the gym and meet with large groups both inside and outside.  As long as everyone sticks to the basic rules.

A day with Lutz!

Hey Lutz! Can you tell us a little more about student life in Maastricht with COVID-19 restrictions?

'COVID-19 brought quite a bit of a change to the student life as we knew it before, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. However, by now we are more and more getting back to normal: we can meet up in public in large groups again, bars and restaurants are relatively crowded (in compliance with the distance restrictions, of course) and yesterday, even the gyms reopened! So, although being limited by the general precaution measures, it feels more like a fresh start of 2020 with the prospect of improvement.'

A Day With Lutz

SCOPE board 2020

SCOPE (study association)

SCOPE is the official study association of the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. Their purpose is to support the international student population in the best way possible and aims to fulfill their interests at hand. SCOPE tries to realise these goals by working closely with the university and affiliated firms/organisations. The majority of SBE students are members of SCOPE - in fact, with a member base of about 3000 students, SCOPE has become the largest Study Association in the South of the Netherlands. The benefits of membership are wide-ranging and include:

Books discount (15%), Study Trips, Foreign Trips, Workshops, Amazing parties and social events, Access to affiliated companies and sponsors, Career Events


One-stop information platform for international students 

Are you an international student who is planning to come to Maastricht in August? Are you looking for information regarding Health, Transport, Housing and Finances as well as Sports, Media and Community in Maastricht? Then Mymaastricht is the place for you! is the one-stop information platform to help international students find their way in the city. They reach students via their website, blog and social media, as well as by running workshops during the University open days. Mymaastricht works with the University and the 'Gemeente' (the local municipality) to help give students the best start to their life in the city.