SenUM, Association of former Maastricht University employees

Maastricht University (UM) is a proud supporter of SenUM, the UM association of former employees. All former employees over the age of fifty (and their partners) are encouraged to become members of SenUM.

SenUM aims to:

  1. provide a platform for friendship and mutual contact based on years of UM involvement;
  2. share cherished memories of mutual commitment to and enthusiasm for UM;
  3. maintain ties with UM.

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, the SenUM board organises an annual programme with the following fixed components:

  • excursions to cities and/or museums;
  • company and institutional visits;
  • nature/bird-watching walks;
  • lectures by members or UM employees on topical issues.

A general assembly is held each spring to determine the final statement and the annual budget, to discuss accountability for the current and proposed policies and to participate in the executive elections. 
The end of the year is celebrated with an annual Christmas get-together in mid-December.

SenUM recently visited the cities of Rotterdam, Trier and Mechelen, the castle park in Wijlre and the Kröller-Müller museum in Otterlo. SenUM was received in the European Parliament in Brussels by member of parliament Jeroen Lenaerts. There were walks along the industrial heritage of Wyck and along the birds of castle park Elsloo and De Maten near Genk. Dr. Ronald Henry, medical director of the Maastricht Study, presented some results of their research and Prof. Pamela Habibovich of the MERLN research institute gave an introduction about the use of inorganic materials for the regeneration of own tissue.

SenUM offers its members access to various (UM) facilities, such as:

  • participation in UM’s collective health insurance policy;
  • a free subscription to Magazine;
  • a free UM library card;
  • the possibility to purchase an annual sports card;
  • an invitation to the Dies ceremony and the opening of the academic year.

The association has more than 330 members in 2019. SenUM receives an annual subsidy from Maastricht University to fund its activities, which it supplements with external contributions. For expensive activities, participants are asked to make a contribution. The contribution for former employees amounts to € 15,00 for single members and € 20,00 for members with a partner.

The board consists of:

  • Gerard Majoor, chair
  • Annie Kanitz, secretary
  • Margriet van Woerden, treasurer
  • Juul Dovermann, member
  • Emmy van Roosmalen, member
  • Cees van Mameren, member
  • René Verspeek, member

To become a member of SenUM, please contact the secretary by email at annie.kanitz[at]senum[dot]nl or by phone on 043-3478439.