Information sessions start every hour on the hour from 10.00. Most presentations take half an hour. The last sessions start at 16.00. This means you can visit several bachelor's programmes, go on a tour around the university and visit information markets.

During the sessions you can receive information about Maastricht University programmes and Problem-Based Learning, the educational method used throughout UM. You can also participate in discussions, watch demonstrations and take a tour through our labs and classrooms.

There is a break after every information session.
If you would like to attend a session other than the one you have registered for, please register again. If you register for the second time, your first registration will no longer be valid.
Those accompanying you are welcome to attend our sessions, they don't need to register for a session. If a session is too busy, we kindly request those accompanying you to give priority to other prospective students during presentations.

  Please note: would you like to participate in information sessions at different faculties? Please keep in mind that the faculties are located in different parts of the city. If you take the shuttle bus it takes about 30 minutes to travel from the Randwyck faculties (in the eastern part of the city, around the Maastricht University Medical Centre) to the inner city faculties and vice versa.