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Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research

The aim of the Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research (TIER) is to conduct excellent scientific research and to make the results of this research available and applicable to practicing education and for influencing and informing education policy. TIER develops knowledge of 'evidence based education' that can be used by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the education sector, parents, and students.

Teachers Academy: an 'evidence based education' academy

If evidence-based education is to gain general currency, teachers will have to know what it is and how to use it. This includes familiarity with research and research methods. Teachers must be able to gauge the value of research findings, have a degree of insight into research processes and be able to assess the methodological quality of research and the research set-up.

The ‘evidence-based education academy’ focus area envisions developing and offering courses (including continuing education courses) for teachers in primary, secondary and higher education. Teacher training programmes will be assisted in developing curricula that pay specific attention to research organisation and execution and to working with evidence-based education. The research institute will seek links with existing initiatives (including the Dutch Teacher College) throughout the Netherlands. 

As a partner in the evidence-based education research network, Maastricht University will contribute towards the development of a Teacher Academy, to which end the university will draft a separate business plan. The role of the research network will for the time being be confined to that of social mediator, transferring research findings to education practice within context of the Teacher Academy.

'Evidence based education' is the philosophy that educational policy and educational practice are to be based on the best evidence of 'what works'. This means that specific educational interventions, educational strategies and educational policies are to be evaluated scientifically before they are recommended or adopted on a large scale. 

TIER PhD programme

Write a PhD dissertation on a project of your own choice and interest, analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of educational innovations, become part of an international and multidisciplinary research group, and receive training and supervision from international professors in applying advanced quantitative analysis, developing research designs, and conducting systematic literature reviews.

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