MYA is actively involved in discussions on topics such as Recognition and Rewards and Academic Citizenship. Below you can find documents that the MYA has compiled on these topics. 

Position paper on Recognition and Rewards

At the MYA we are actively taking part in the discussion on the Recognition and Rewards policy. This is an initiative that is widely supported. To voice our support, but also to offer critical reflections to support the further development, the MYA published a position paper. In the paper we provide insights from the perspective of the young academic and offer essential questions that we think should be part of the discussion.

Bram Akkermans, Vice-Chair MYA

Click here to open and read the position paper on Recognition and Rewards  

Call to join the movement towards a new academic citizenship

The Maastricht Young Academy will also work with our university’s senior management to begin addressing cases where a change in leadership or leadership style is urgently needed. Part of this conversation is the need to change leadership training at our university as soon as possible to align it with these new perspectives on academic citizenship. In 2021, we will launch a position paper in which we will address this common understanding of academic citizenship and make proposals on how to implement it at Maastricht University.

Click here to open and read the Call to join the movement towards a new academic citizenship