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Maastricht Forensic Institute

The Maastricht Forensic Institute (tMFI) combines all forensic knowledge within Maastricht University in one centre for forensic education and research. This expertise lies mostly in legal psychology and forensic psychology. tMFI is the only institute in the Netherlands combines technical forensic research into material evidence with expertise in psychology of law and behavioural science. The main purpose of the institute is to make a socially relevant contribution to the legal system.


The forensic science research of tMFI focuses on relevant issues for the criminal justice system. Our research lines include:

  • Forensic Psychology Research  - into mental disorders in perpetrators, suspects and witnesses
  • Psychology of Law  - the psychology of participants in the legal system, for example the decision-making of judges or the behaviour of witnesses. This includes Project Reasonable Doubt (Project Gerede Twijfel), which conducts systematic studies of dubious proceedings and judicial errors
  • Forensic Speech Analysis – in most cases this is used to determine if a specific person has participated in a tapped phone call; speaker verification


The expertise of tMFI researchers is used in various education programmes in both the bachelor and master level. In the Project Reasonable Doubt (Project Gerede Twijfel), students work under supervision of researchers on real criminal justice cases where there are possible miscarriages of justice. The Forensic Psychology master is unique in the Netherlands. tMFI also develops courses for professionals working in the criminal justice system.

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The Maastricht Forensic Institute