Ethics Review Committee Inner City faculties (ERCIC)

ERCIC encourages researchers to submit their study protocols involving human participants or personally identifiable data for ethical review before the start of research activities. Review by ERCIC at the moment takes place on a voluntary basis.

To apply for ethical review, please fill out the application form and send it to the secretary. For help with filling out the application form, please consult these tips and tricks. 

ERCIC members

Prof. Teun Dekker (chair)
Dr. Sonja Fransen (secretary)
Prof. Gerhard Weiss (FSE)
Prof. Valentina Mazzucato (FASoS)
Prof. Gerard Pfann (SBE)
Prof. Susanne Rutten (Law)
Dr. Anna Harris (FASoS – substitute member)
Prof. Fons Coomans (Law – substitute member)
Prof. Hans van Mierlo (SBE – substitute member)
Dr. Christoph Rausch (FSE – substitute member)

ERCIC deadlines 2020

ERCIC meets every 5 weeks during the academic year to consider applications for ethical review

Deadline for submitting application (12:00)
7 May 2020
11 June 2020
27 August 2020
1 October 2020
5 November 2020
10 December 2020