The project aims at increasing cross-border cooperation of already existing services, seeking to attract and retain newcomers and to integrate them into the (euregional) labour market, and to improve cross-border information services for frontier workers in atypical employment relationships. The project intends to consolidate the euregional labour market and effectively mitigate (upcoming) shortages of skilled workers in the region. It will help to establish the EMR as an attractive place to work and live, with excellent research and employment opportunities, in order to keep people in the region for the long term. These factors will also make the euregional market more attractive for companies to invest and grow in, while ensuring their enduring and social value in the Euregional communities.

ITEM researchers support the youRegion project in two ways. Regarding the development of the euregional labour market, they are preparing a working module to help enhance the cross-border information services for atypical workers who pursue a combination of flexible jobs/self-employed activities in two or more Member States. Regarding the promotion of a euregional welcome culture, they are contributing to the mapping of the euregional welcome and information services for highly-skilled newcomers. In this context the researchers will also collect and analyse newcomers’ experiences and satisfaction with these euregional services to guarantee the sustainability of the project.