Research expertise

Below you can find an alphabetical list of research foci at the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, as well as the research themes harbouring each of these topics.

Topic Research theme
Algorithms: design and analysis of exact, parameterized, approximation, online and randomized algorithms ALGOPT
Causal Inference ERAI
Combinatorial games GAIS
Combinatorial/discrete optimization ALGOPT
Complexity and chaos theory SCSI
Computational complexity ALGOPT
Computer vision AVCL
Control SwarmLab
Control theory for robotics SCSI
Data-driven decomposition techniques SCSI
Deep Learning ERAI
Dynamical Systems Theory SCSI
Emergent properties SCSI
(Visual) event recognition AVCL
Evolutionary Computation ML
Explainable AI ERAI
Feature extraction SCSI
Game design GAIS
Game theory: Algorithmic game theory ALGOPT
Game theory: Differential game theory DGT
Game theory: Evolutionary game theory DGT
Game theory: Spatial game theory DGT
Game theory: Stochastic game theory DGT
General (video) game playing GAIS
Graph theory ALGOPT
Human activity recognition AVCL
Human-Machine Interaction SwarmLab
Machine Learning ML
Machine Translation AVCL
Mathematical programming ALGOPT
Modeling and systems identification SCSI
Model-order reduction SCSI
Modular and networked systems   SCSI
Multi-Agent Systems SwarmLab
Multimodal emotion recognition AVCL
Natural Language Processing AVCL
Operations research ALGOPT
Opponent modelling GAIS
Optimization and Artificial Evolution SwarmLab
Personality computing AVCL
Prediction and classification ML
Procedural content generation GAIS
Reasoning and Argumentation ERAI
Recommender systems, Applications and understanding of  ML
Recurrence plots, Recurrence quantification analysis SCSI
(Multi-Agent) Reinforcement Learning, Applications and Representation aspects of  ML
Reliable AI ERAI
Reliable Prediction ML
Rigorous numerical methods for solving dynamic games DGT
Robotics: Assistive Robotics SwarmLab
Robotics: Cognitive Robotics SwarmLab
Robotics: Educational Robotics SwarmLab
Search techniques: Monte-Carlo tree search GAIS
Search techniques: multiplayer search GAIS
Search techniques: proof number search GAIS
Search techniques: single agent search and multiplayer search GAIS
Serious Games SwarmLab
Signal and Image Analysis SCSI
Smart mathematics SCSI
Software and systems verification ERAI
Sparse representations   SCSI
Spontaneous order and self-organisation SCSI
Text Mining ML
Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation ML
Uncertainty analysis SCSI
Video game AI GAIS
Wavelet theory SCSI