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KidzCollege: ‘Weet wat je eet!’

The asparagus from Limburg

The asparagus from Limburg: analyzing its nutritional content and possible health claims. Teboza in Helden covers the whole asparagus chain, from research and processing until cultivation and sales. Nonetheless, the area of nutrition and health claims was more or less unexplored territory for the company from the North of Limburg.

By working together with ZON Fruit & Vegetables and the Food Claims Centre Venlo, this changed. This collaboration saw science become practice, by answering the questions:

  • Which bioactive ingredients contains an asparagus?
  • Which proven nutrition or health claims may already apply to the asparagus?
  • What health effects are attributed to these components?

This resulted in a list of scientifically substantiated nutrition and health claims being directly applicable. Rik Kursten from Teboza says: "In my opinion, the entire report covers just a page or six. But all content is workable. At the office we have stacks of fist-thick research reports are found that we cannot apply. So, these six pages with fifteen scientifically founded nutritional and health claims are very valuable to us."

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Nutrition claims applicable to the blueberry

For a regional blueberry cooperation, FCCV conducted a literature study on the blueberry’s nutritional content. We studied the ingredients of the blueberry in general, with the help of nutrient tables and with recommended daily amounts as they apply in the Netherlands.

By means of literature research it could be established that nutrition claims can be made on several specific content substances, such as claims on fiber content.