Register Accountant (MURA)

Cijfermatig inzicht én integriteit zijn twee kernwaarden waarover een registeraccountant moet beschikken. Daarnaast moet je ook klant- en resultaatgericht zijn en gevoel hebben voor ondernemerschap en over doorzettingsvermogen beschikken om deze postdoctorale opleiding te kunnen voltooien. Beschik jij over deze eigenschappen? Dan is deze opleiding iets voor jou. De Opleiding tot Registeraccountant is een opleiding die je kunt gaan volgen, nadat je je master- of doctoraaldiploma hebt behaald. Als je registeraccountant wilt worden, is de Maastricht University opleiding tot Registeraccountant (MURA) een uitstekende keuze.


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      Last chance to register !
      The Maastricht Day of Management gives you the opportunity to meet leading companies that operate in a multitude of different management fields like IT Management, Supply Chain Management and many more. Under the theme "innovation is key - show your dynamics" you can participate in interactive workshops, one-on-one interviews or talk to representatives to a total of 16 companies.

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      CHANGERATION Y - How our Generation shapes the future

      The SCOPE Symposium on the 8th of May 2017 will deal with the future changes that we as Millennials face. In particular, the SCOPE Symposium will elaborate on the future of banking, technological change and changing working environment which can be perceived already.

      Sign up for the event free of charge to save yourself a spot.

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      SBE is currently in the process of developing a new bachelor’s programme. Next to interesting content from different disciplines, this new bachelor also needs a good title. And that’s where you as a student come in!

      From 2-4 May SBE organises three focus group sessions where we welcome students from SBE, MSP and DKE to brainstorm about the right title for this new bachelor’s programme. We would love to find out what the opinion of students is! In case you are interested in joining one of the three focus group sessions, please complete the registration form on:

      Free muffins and coffee/tea is served!
      See you then!

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