Politiek en Samenleving

Wat is de betekenis van burgerschap in de hedendaagse cultuur? Wat is de waarde van democratie? Welke invloed heeft de hedendaagse politieke sfeer op de toekomst van vrijheid? Met alle politieke strijd, culturele conflicten en fundamentele nieuwe technologieën, waar we tegenwoordig dagelijks mee geconfronteerd worden, is een grondig begrip van internationale kwesties meer nodig dan ooit. De master Politiek en Samenleving biedt je meer inzicht in hoe cultuur een bron van zorg en conflict kon worden in de (inter)nationale politieke arena. Je maakt kennis met de verschillende professionele rollen die cultuurwetenschapper kan spelen op het gebied van politiek en samenleving.

Belangrijke informatie voor studiekiezers

Wij vinden het belangrijk om je voor te bereiden op de Nederlandse en internationale arbeidsmarkt. Daarom worden de meeste vakken in de opleiding Politiek en Samenleving in het Engels gedoceerd. Je krijgt echter de mogelijkheid om Nederlandse academische vaardigheden trainingen te volgen, Nederlandse essays te schrijven en in het Nederlands je scriptie te schrijven.

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Alessandra Bianchi, Student Ambassadeur Politiek en Samenleving

Alessandra Bianchi is from Italy but was born and raised in Brussels, she has a bachelor degree in Political Sciences from the Free University of Brussels and decided to come to Maastricht for a master’s programme in Politics and Society. “During my bachelor I had the opportunity to spend a full year abroad. I went to Granada in Spain, learned the language and experienced the culture. After my bachelor’s degree I took a gap year to do voluntary work for an NGO in South-America and travelled. However, I wasn’t satisfied with my education, and found I lacked true academic skills and knowledge. Before my gap year I’d attended the Open Day at Maastricht University and decided that the Problem-Based Learning method would really provide an active in-depth learning experience, which was what I’d missed so far. I’m fascinated by the interdependency and complexity of societal issues nowadays, but with my background in politics I also want to make an impact, I therefore opted for the Politics and Society programme. With all the skills we are learning now, I have the feeling that I am receiving the keys to open many doors. That is a great prospect!”

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Allesandra Bianchi, Ambassador Politics and Society 2017-2018

“A speech by professor Jan de Roder, in which he talked about societal issues and new solutions, clinched my decision to study at this faculty.”


Geen aankomende evenementen
    • Foto door Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      NWO has awarded a Vidi grant worth 800.000 euro to six experienced UM researchers: Dr. Tamar Sharon (FASoS), Prof. Caroline Goukens, Prof. Olivier Marie and Dr. Annelies Renders (all SBE) and Prof. Bart Rutten and Dr. Judith Sluimer (both FHML/MUMC+). The grant enables them to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group.

      Sharon’s research is about "The Googlization of health and the common good". As we move into the digital era, companies like Google and Apple are becoming important actors in health research. But how do we ensure that this serves the public interest? This research studies the impact of the “Googlization of health” on the common good, and investigates ways to secure it.

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    • Foto door Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      Hayo Raaphorst, alumnus of the MSc European Studies (Research), has been awarded the Daniel Heinsius Prize for the best MA thesis in political science (by the Dutch and Belgian Political Science Associations). Hayo received the prestigious award for his thesis on: ‘Countering the Realist Narrative on Common Diplomacy Coordination: A Political-Historical Analysis of European Political Cooperation, 1970-1986’.

      Research Master ES alumnus Hayo Raaphorst wins thesis award | FASoS Weekly
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    • Foto door Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

      Last week, BA European Studies student Josh Oudendijk, a.k.a. Josh Island, performed his song at the 60th anniversary of the Benelux union. In the large audience of 450 people Grand Duke Henri of Luxemburg, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and King Philippe of Belgium were present.

      Josh told us that the Kings and the Grand Duke were even whistling along to his song.

      For more information about the evening, check out:

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