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  • Academic presentations course (for PhD candidates and employees)


    This course covers the wide range of issues that need to be considered when conducting or preparing to give conference presentations in English. There are six two-hour sessions and one three-hour session, during which participants present their research at least three times. All presentations are videotaped and detailed feedback is provided. This course is open to PHD-candidates, employees and external clients.

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  • Academic writing (for PhD candidates and master’s students)

    Overige cursussen - Schrijfvaardigheidscursus

    Would you like to know more about how to write an academic paper? Would you like to learn how to capture the correct tone and to express your ideas in a concise, nuanced manner? In our Academic Writing courses, you can learn to do that. Under the supervision of English writing instructors, you will practise writing your own text, reviewing literature and improving and editing texts.

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  • Academic writing online: PhD-Online 1 and PhD-Online 2 (for PhD candidates)

    digital nomad Sabrina Bos

    'The reason why I chose the Language Centre was because the course was an online one. It turned out to be a very stimulating and positive experience, not in the least because of the input of an enthusiastic mediator (Neill Wylie). The course is for different levels of PhD’s, novice as well as more experienced. I am confident this course helps me to further improve my academic writing skills!’

    Marlies Schillings | PhD student and Teacher Bewegingswetenschappen | Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

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  • Engels: Cambridge English Exam Preparation Course

    Overige cursussen - Cambridge English Language Courses (CFE, CAE, CPE)

    The Cambridge English Exams are internationally recognised exams that can be used to demonstrate that you have the language skills to live, study or work in an English-speaking environment. The courses run over 24 weeks with one two-hour session per week. You’ll also be required to do at least 2 hours of private study each week.

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  • Engels: Effective communication

    Bachelors programma International Business

    The Effective Communication courses focus on helping you become a more confident and fluent user of English. You’ll improve your English skills through practicing a variety of communicative tasks, such as discussions, negotiations, and teamwork reports.

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  • Engels: Individuele Coaching Engels

    Overige cursussen - International Track in Medicine Bachelor

    Je wilt je Engelse (schrijf- of spreekvaardigheid) graag verbeteren en hebt behoefte aan individuele begeleiding. In de cursus ‘Engels, individuele coaching’ krijg je die begeleiding. Koop een pakket voor 4, 6 of 8 uur ondersteuning en krijg professionele feedback op je teksten of op je spreekvaardigheid.

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  • Japanese language and culture course

    LC-Japan header 1

    If you want to get to know this country and the language better, or if you want to know what to pay attention to when doing business when working with Japanese companies, then this course is for you. In 14 weeks, you will learn some basic principles of the Japanese language, discover more about this special culture, and learn all about appropriate and effective intercultural communication with your Japanese counterparts.

    Start: dinsdag 10 november 2020 - Einde: dinsdag 10 november 2020
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  • Non-Degree Business and Economics Courses


    Approximately 300 courses and skills training on BSc and MSc level are on offer. You can find all courses, course descriptions (including prerequisites and levels) and coordinators. To check which courses you can take, please select Non Degree Courses. The duration of a course is 7 weeks; for a skills training 2 weeks. Exact dates of course periods can be found in the course descriptions or looked up in the academic calendar. The workload of a course is approximately 20 hours a week, including group meetings and individual study. Students are not allowed to take more than two courses in a period. The workload for a skills training is about 40 hours per week. You can follow maximum 2 courses per course period (period 1,2,4,and 5) and 1 skill per skills period (period 3 and 6). If you have any questions about the content of a course or skill, please contact the block coordinator (lecturer) before applying. 


    Start: vrijdag 20 mei 2016 - Einde: vrijdag 20 mei 2016
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  • Scholarships for a FREE language course German or French

    DE + FR
    Grensoverschrijdend werken

    Are you a UM student with proficiency in German or French but would like to have additional training before entering the (EU) regional German or French-speaking labour market? Than this is THE opportunity for you!

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  • Taalcursus Arabisch

    Overig onderwijs - Taalcursus Arabisch (Dubai)

    Wil je kennismaken met het Arabisch, of wil je je kennis opfrissen en naar een hoger niveau brengen?  Deze cursus is door de opbouw in modules geschikt voor beginners en half gevorderden en voor verschillende situaties, variërend van werk, studie tot vakantie.

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  • Taalcursus Duits

    World Cup 2006_Germany_fans_at_bochum

    Wil je kennismaken met het Duits of heb je de ambitie de taal op professioneel niveau te beheersen? Deze cursus is door de opbouw in verschillende niveaus geschikt voor elk niveau en voor verschillende situaties, variërend van werk, studie tot vakantie.

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  • Taalcursus Russisch

    LC Russia

    Wil je kennismaken met de Russische taal, of wil je je kennis opfrissen en naar een hoger niveau brengen?  Deze cursus is door de opbouw in drie modules geschikt voor beginners, half gevorderden en voor gevorderden en voor verschillende situaties, variërend van werk, studie tot vakantie. 

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  • Taaltraining op maat, individueel of in een groep (online en face to face)

    NL + EN
    Flags of different countries from all over the world

    Verbeter in korte tijd je kennis van het Nederlands, Engels of een andere moderne taal. En leer je doeltreffend correct en genuanceerd uitdrukken in werk of studie. Spreken, luisteren, lezen en schrijven? In deze cursus op maat krijg je precies waar je behoefte aan hebt.

    Voor bedrijven en organisaties verzorgt het Talencentrum van de Universiteit Maastricht in-company taaltrainingen en workshops.

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