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    The recipe to build on resilience

    21 juli 2021
    Although the delta variant is currently leading to a sharp increase in the number of positive Covid 19 tests, hospital admissions are fortunately still low. Let's hope it stays this way and that with the growing number of vaccinations we slowly move in the right direction with Covid 19 in Europe. If so our societies can open up again step by step. We all long for closeness and being together. If things are going in the right direction, does that mean that Covid 19 will no longer influence our lives? I do not think so. Not that I fear that the virus will...
  • The social university

    4 september 2019
    (Deze tekst is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels) Welkomstwoord Opening Academisch Jaar 2019-2020 The purpose of the opening of the academic year is to project optimism and discussing the way ahead. This is more difficult this year as we have experienced or expecting some dramatic changes to the higher education landscape in the Netherlands. First of all, the recent decision to shift existing budgets towards technical universities at the expense of others is a threat to the balance of subjects that form the core if the university - universitas - comprehensiveness...
  • UK universities must not turn away from Europe

    15 augustus 2019
    Deze tekst is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels. This summer we have witnessed the birth of the “European university”. In June, the European Commission announced the 17 successful bids for this status from consortia of institutions across the continent. Given that UK universities are among the best in the world, you would have expected them to be heavily involved. In fact, only three of the 114 participants are British: the universities of Essex, Edinburgh and Warwick. By comparison, the networks include 16 French universities, 14 from Germany and 10 from Spain.
  • Brexit

    World Insight: Brexit- een slechte dag voor Europa, maar kennis moet grenzen altijd overstijgen

    24 juni 2016
    Volgens Martin Paul is Brexit een stap terug voor Europa, maar niet het einde van de wereld. Het grootste gevaar is terugvallen in een vorm van “Europese Kleinstaaterei”... Deze blog is alleen in het Engels beschikbaar.