Second CCCDay in Maastricht

On 21 June the second CAPHRI - Centre for Health and Society Düsseldorf Collaboration Day (CCCDay) took place in Maastricht. 45 researchers came together to intensify the collaboration on research and education in care and public health.

CCC Day 2022

During the second CCC day, further plans were forged for joint (conceptual) research papers, co-investigation in research projects, exchange of Master’s students for scientific internships and theses, joint literature clubs, joint seminars, (post-academic) courses, and staff exchange (both for education and teaching from PhDs till senior staff). The content-wise part of the meeting was concluded with an informative meeting by Vivian Braeken and Evamaria Gruchattka about the possible funding of research and education in the Netherlands, Germany, and across borders. The collaboration continued during the dinner, the walk through the city center, and during the CAPHRI Research day, which several members of the Centre for Health and Society visited. During the upcoming year the working groups (see below), will work on strengthening the collaboration till the next CCC-Day in Dusseldorf.

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Or contact Kasia Czabanowska (CAPHRI) or Daniel Kotz (chs) Daniel.Kotz@med.uni‐

Working groups

Would you like to join one of the working groups? Then please contact the chair(s) of the working group(s) you are interested in (see table below). 

Working group  Chairs
Ageing and long-term care

CAPHRI: Hilde Verbeek / Sandra Zwakhalen
chs: Stefan Wilm / Ralph Möhler 

Ethics and society

CAPHRI: David Shaw
chs:Vasilija Rolfes

Health promotion

CAPHRI: Rik Crutzen
chs: Claudia Pischke

Health technology assessment
and health economic evaluation

CAPHRI: Silvia Evers
chs: Andrea Icks

MSc and PhD education

CAPHRI: Aggie Paulus
chs: Claudia Pischke

Primary care and health services research

CAPHRI: Mark Spigt 
chs: Daniel Kotz