Sanne Rovers will start with her research funded by the Starter Grant

Self-assessment for research into supporting students’ optimal use of self-assessments in competency-based medical education

Self-assessment can play an important role for effective learning: through self-assessment, students can gain information about gaps in their knowledge and how these gaps can be remedied. But it is challenging to effectively use self-assessment tools. In the new BA-MED curriculum, students currently can take personalized self-evaluations in which they can choose questions on topics they want to answer. Students can do this as often as they like, and input of the results can be used for their portfolio. This research aims to dive deeper into how to support students in optimally using the self-assessment tools, by asking questions such as: what are the needs of the students? How do they value the self-assessments? How do they use the results? Is it beneficial for their learning process, and how can we support them?

The Starter Grant allows to answer these questions by appointing a new PhD position within the School of Health Professions Education and the department of Educational Development & Research.