• Interview with Anja van Bogaert about her challenges and learning moments working on integrating sustainability at UM.

  • Five teams have been selected to compete in the 2023 edition of the AppChallenge@UM dedicated to enhancing the teaching or learning experience at Maastricht University. We received proposals from several faculties and it's interesting to see the variety of ideas the teams came up with for designing...

  • The white heterosexual middle-aged man is implicitly the norm in medical education materials. But not for much longer, if Albertine Zanting has her way. As a PhD candidate, she studies the cultural diversity in medical education, and as a policy advisor, she translates her research findings into...

  • Remzi Celebi, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Data Science (IDS) and technical co-coordinator for the AIDAVA project, discusses how Artificial Intelligence, data curation automation and knowledge graphs are used to give patients more control of their health data.

  • SBE academics reflect on Claudia Goldin's efforts towards advancing our understanding of the gender gap and women's job outcomes.

  • The rise of compliance reporting to make the lucrative coffee and cocoa trade more sustainable means millions of smallholder farmers generating valuable data. Who owns this data and who should benefit? SBE’s Fair & Smart Data Spearhead Sidi Amar and his team have developed some principles.

  • On 11 October 2023, we had the pleasure to host Dr Ane Aranguiz, Assistant Professor of European Labour and Social Security Law at Tilburg University. Aranguiz discussed her current research on “Combating social exclusion in the EU, what role for EU law?”, with Dr. Fulvia Ristuccia, Assistant...

  • Speaking at EDLAB's Continuing Professional Development Kick-Off event on 26 September 2023, Prof. Mairéad Pratschke, Chair in Digital Education at The University of Manchester, encouraged Maastricht University teachers and educators to investigate AI technologies for themselves.

  • Maastricht University (UM) is a leading advocate for Open Science, promoting transparency, accessibility and collaboration in research and education. Dennie Hebels, UM's Open Science Officer, sheds light on the significance of this movement and its impact on academia and society.