Planetary health: the recipe for a sustainable future

Prof. dr. Pim Martens, who was recently appointed professor of Planetary Health, will deliver his inaugural lecture on April 21st.

He claims that we, as a civilization, regard our planet's health from a too human-oriented point of view. Planetary health is more than just understanding that everything is interconnected. Climate change is not only harmful to the planet and its biodiversity, but it is also harmful to humans. We must not only recognise this, but also act on it by pushing sustainability to the next level. We value life and ourselves as soon as we respect our world.

Martens' works and lectures at the Faculty of Science and Engineering's Venlo campus, where he also serves as dean of the University College Venlo. He is the project leader and principal investigator for various projects involving sustainability science and education, human-animal-nature relationships, and environmental (climate) change and health.

If you like to know more about Martens’ ideas on sustainability, please read the interview he gave, together with economist prof. dr. Nils Kok, to UM Magazine.