Paper in Lancet Neurology

The Meta VCI Map consortium, coordinated by UMC Utrecht, aims to perform large-scale meta-analyses on strategic lesion locations, using lesion-symptom mapping. A pooled analysis of data on 2950 patients from 12 cohorts was performed, achieving a high lesion coverage of the brain of 86%. Infarcts in the left frontotemporal lobes, left thalamus, and right parietal lobe were strongly associated with post-stroke cognitive impairment. A ‘location impact score’ was derived that robustly predicted post-stroke cognitive impairment.

The research team of Maastricht made an important contribution to this paper by sharing data of the CASPER study. The CASPER study (Cognition and Affect after Stroke – a Prospective Evaluation of Risks) was a fruitful collaboration between stroke researchers from CARIM (Julie Staals and Robert van Oostenbrugge) and neuropsychiatric experts from MHeNS (Seb Kohler and Frans Verhey). The study included 250 stroke patients and resulted in two PhD theses on cognition, depression and apathy after stroke. The CASPER team also contributed to papers of MICON (Microbleeds International Collaborative Network) and STROKOG (Stroke and Cognition Consortium). More papers will follow.

Read the paper here.