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    Research into cross-border internships in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion


    Expertise Center ITEM has started a research project about cross-border internships in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. The research, commissioned by the Meuse-Rhine Euregion and EURES, will be carried out and led by ITEM's 'de-borderer' between March 2017 and July 2017.

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    DKE student wins Student StarCraft AI Tournament


    Martin Rooijackers (Master student Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering – Maastricht University) and his LetaBot took part in the annual Student StarCraft AI Tournament and won in both the student-division as well as the mixed division!

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    Announcement ITEM PhD Volume 'Beyond the refugee crisis'


    The Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM) published a PhD Volume about the refugree crisis. The volume was written by PhD candidates of ITEM and includes separate contributions in which each of them tackles the topic of the refugee crisis from their own area of interest. The volume therefore discusses themes ranging from migration law and criminal behaviour to social security.

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    ITEM advises in the case Let's Bring Them Here against the state of the Netherlands


    This news article is written in Dutch. Ingevolge twee Besluiten van de Raad van de Europese Unie uit 2015 zijn de lidstaten van de Europese Unie verplicht een bepaald aantal asielzoekers, wier verzoek om asiel een hoge kans op slagen heeft, van Italië en Griekenland over te nemen en te herplaatsen naar het eigen grondgebied. Voor Nederland volgt uit de Besluiten dat het 8712 asielzoekers moet herplaatsen en opvangen. Tot op heden is deze herplaatsing echter beperkt gebleven tot 1487 personen. In het kader van deze zaak is Expertisecentrum ITEM verzocht deskundig advies te geven inzake de rechtstreekse werking van de betrokken besluiten naar Europees recht.

  • Maastricht team in final European Law Moot Court in Luxemburg again


    From 23-25 February, Maastricht’s European Law Moot Court team took part in the regional finals held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The team, composed of Dina Grego, Jihane Mirode, Christine Recker and Ilja Terwinghe won the final battle and will go to the all-European finals in Luxemburg which will be held on 31 March 2017. The team was coached by Pauline Melin and Alexander Hoogenboom.

  • Team Maastricht University through to international rounds of the Philip C. Jessup moot court competition


    On 23 and 24 February, Maastricht University participated in the Dutch Qualifying Rounds of the 2017 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Amsterdam. The UM team, composed of Céline Fäh, Caitlin MacMillan, Hanna Moller and Diya Dilan reached the international qualification rounds which will take place in Washinton D.C. from 9-16 April 2017. The team is coached by Laura Visser, Jure Vidmar & Jennifer Sellin.

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    Interview Anouk Bollen-Vandenboorn in NFDR Exclusief


    On 17 January 2017 prof. dr. Anouk Bollen-Vandenboorn, Professor of Cross Border Pension Tax Law at Maastricht University and Director of ITEM (Institute for Transnational and Euregional Cross Border Cooperation and Mobility) was interviewed by economic journalist drs. Freek Andriesse. The interview was produced on behalf of Sdu (NDFR).

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    Between Flexibility and Disintegration - The Trajectory of Differentiation in EU Law


    New publication, edited by Bruno de Witte, Andrea Ott and Ellen Vos

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    Master International and European Tax Law ‘Topopleiding’ (top study programme) and master Dutch Law first place in ‘Keuzegids Masters 2017’


     “The main exception is the tax law master in Maastricht: the interesting programme is presented in a stimulating way, a great deal of attention is paid to analytical and critical thinking and the problem solving abilities of students”

    The ‘Keuzegids Masters 2017’, published on Tuesday, 28 February 2017, shows that the law masters of the Maastricht University Faculty of Law are highly valued again. Like in previous years, this is – among other things- apparent from the appreciation for the content of the various programmes and the teachers.

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