NUTRIM Awards 2023, at the annual NUTRIM symposium,

About the 2023 Symposium theme "Closing the Gap"

This year, November 22, the theme of our annual NUTRIM Symposium was focused on closing the gap. 

In the past, research often focused on middle-aged Caucasian males with an above-average income. As a result, current measures to prevent and treat diseases do not work effectively for everybody. This knowledge gap needs to be closed in order to improve the health of so-called underrepresented groups. To reach this goal, a new way of thinking is needed that expands the pool of ideas and broadens perspectives. In other words, inclusivity in scientific research will lead to innovation and more personalized approaches.

Therefore, this year’s theme of the NUTRIM Symposium was “Closing the Gap”, in which we discussed our efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusivity both in science and in our scientific community.

We had an incredible line-up of speakers, poster presentations and research pitches from the School of Nutrition and Translational Metabolism. Realising how incredible the work of our NUTRIM community is that they are doing.

Take home message: In the realm of research science, diversity and inclusivity are paramount for fostering innovation and advancing our collective understanding. Embracing a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds not only enriches the scientific community but also propels us towards a more comprehensive and ground-breaking discoveries.

Special thank you to our whole community and to our scientific director Daisy Jonkers and PhD coordinator Roger Godschalk for the continuous support with this endeavour and to or PhD council for co-organising this annual event.