• Sten van Beek

    Cold shivers?


    Due to the Western lifestyle with a high fat diet combined with little exercise, more and more people in the Netherlands are overweight or even obese. This causes an increased risk of type II diabetes. What can be done about this besides a healthier lifestyle? The answer comes from an unexpected source: shivering from the cold!

  • Marlou-Floor Kenkhuis

    Quantity and Quality


    Survivors of colon cancer often have symptoms associated with the cancer or treatment for years after treatment, such as fatigue and tingling in fingers and feet. This has a great impact on the perceived quality of life. Whereas current lifestyle advice is mainly aimed at prevention of (colon) cancer, Marlou-Floor Kenkhuis studied in her PhD the relationship between lifestyle with quality of life and fatigue in colon cancer survivors.

  • Astrid Meesters

    Gone with the wind


    Astrid Meesters received her doctorate on Sept. 28 with her PhD research on flexibility and mindfulness as resilience factors for pain and recovery. 

  • Kristof Vandael

    Procrastination is the thief of time


    In his PhD research, Kristof Vandael investigated how this generalization of pain-related avoidance can be inhibited in the lab to help optimize therapy for chronic pain or even prevent the development of chronic pain.

  • Verdrietig Caring Universities

    'Letter from Máxima lowers threshold for young people to talk about mental health'


    More and more young people, especially girls and young women, are suffering from mental health problems. Researcher Sophie Leijdesdorff is pleased with Queen Maxima's attention to this

  • Leentjens

    Shivers down your spine


    Prof. Dr. Leentjens at Maastricht University has been researching the relationship between psychiatric and neurological symptoms for years in order to pay more attention to mental symptoms in treatment.

  • Gera Nagelhout

    Children from poorer families live shorter and less healthy (and the Dutch government is not adressing this well)


    Stress over high energy and grocery costs has a direct effect on the health of people who already have little to spend, warns Professor Gera Nagelhout. According to her, the government can do more to remedy that problem. This is important, because children from underprivileged families in our country live on average fifteen years shorter in good health. 

  • How does dyslexia arise?


    Learning to read and write fluently seems natural to many people. But it's actually not. Certainly not for people with dyslexia. In this lecture neuroscientist Milene Bonte explains why.

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