• gezonder koken esther boudewijns

    Energy transition for all? A third of the world's population still cooks on open fires


    In a new study, PhD student Esther Boudewijns developed two practical tools to improve the implementation of cleaner cooking in low-wage countries. The results of the research will be published on June 16 in The Lancet Planetary Health.

  • Healthcare professionals in the lead


    The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has made 2.25 million euros available for the project "Healthcare professionals in the lead" of the Academische Werkplaats Ouderenzorg and professional associations Verenso and V&VN


    Three years later… What are the habits and routines of our ENERGISE-households?


    Already three years ago, two challenges were introduced to a certain group of households in Maastricht and in Roermond: to reduce indoor temperature to a maximum of 18 °C (‘heating challenge’) and half the number of weekly laundry cycles relative to a baseline (‘laundry challenge’). In this article, we summarise the results.

  • Psychomotor effects of nitrous oxide


    Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a substance that many know from a visit to the dentist, or a medical procedure in the hospital. But it is increasingly used as a recreational and addictive drug. During the intoxication, thinking clearly and focused movement is impossible for the user, you can compare the effects to being drunk. Driving, thus, is out of the question. The difference with an alcohol intoxication is that the effects of nitrous oxide only last for a maximum of 1 minute. But can you get behind the wheel after that minute has passed?

  • milena pavlova

    Healthcare for undocumented migrants


    Together with her master’s students, Milena Pavlova is investigating the access to healthcare of undocumented migrants. Her findings give cause for concern: in many countries, this group has no or little access to healthcare.

  • Borders and viruses, and how to deal with those


    How do public health professionals manage Infectious Disease Control (IDC) in a very dynamic and densely populated Euregion such as the Euregion Meuse-Rhine with its active social life across the borders? That is what Dr. Alena Kamenshchikova and her colleagues wanted to find out. From December 2020 until April 2021, they investigated the way Euregional public health professionals in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands tried to control COVID-19.

  • Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 1

    Limburg welcomes first ICAI Lab for the development of artificial intelligence for patient care


    The first ICAI Lab in the region – the ICAI Brightlands Smart Health Lab – is committed to making breakthroughs in patient care by developing and deploying artificial intelligence.

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  • Erik_de_regt

    A colleague’s retirement: a tribute to Erik de Regt


    After a fruitful career spanning 35 years at SBE, Dr. Erik de Regt retired at the end of August. Erik joined our School in 1986 and has made valuable contributions over the years, as a researcher, teacher, course coordinator, and most recently as the Chair of the Board of Examiners.

  • Hiking Fundraising Alzheimer

    Hiking Fundraising Alzheimer Centrum Limburg 2021


    The Alzheimer Centrum Limburg is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and four PhD students have organized a hiking fundraising for this. From 1 to the 21st of September, until World Alzheimer’s day, we will walk 20 kilometers together with colleagues from the Alzheimer Centrum Limburg!

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