• Carlos Cadena Gaitán nominated for Inspired Leadership Award


    Dr. Carlos Cadena Gaitán, PhD alumnus and affiliated researcher at Maastricht University is one of seven emerging leaders worldwide shortlisted for the ‘Inspired Leadership Award 2016’.

  • How to make penalty shootouts fairer


    Penalty shootouts in football could be made fairer by switching the order in which the penalties are taken, according to UM researcher Mehmet Ismail and New York University’s Professor Steven Brams.

  • Registering work for third parties


    As of 12 June 2016 employees are required to register all work for third parties in accordance with the UM regulation Work for third parties in ESS.

  • Appointments Prof. dr. Martin Paul


    Prof. dr. Martin Paul, president of Maastricht University, has been appointed by the Austrian Minister as member of the National Science Council of Austria and as member of the medical Commission of this council.

  • duikers MUMC

    Double inaugural lecture in Maastricht


    Special collaboration to unravel genetic backgrounds of cardiovascular disease (News Maastricht UMC+).


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