Jos Schols distinguished with the GRZ Award 2024

The Award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions over a long period in short-term care, particularly in geriatric rehabilitation.

Throughout his career as a nursing home physician, geriatric specialist, researcher, and professor, Jos has always been at the forefront. He has become a leading figure in our (geriatric) rehabilitation sector, leaving his mark not only nationally but also on the international stage.

With his unparalleled enthusiasm and excellent performances, he was able to outline new perspectives and call for new courses to be charted for professionals, scientists, policymakers, and politicians. With this broad merit, Jos has had an impact on the development of geriatric rehabilitation, the further development of the field of geriatric medicine, scientific results, changes in education, and impact on society and public debate.

Jos schols GRZ-Award 2024.jpg

Congratulations Jos, on receiving the well-deserved GRZ Award 2024!