John Penders appointed as Professor

His chair will primarily focus on the integration of high throughput molecular microbiome data within the context of epidemiological studies using bioinformatics and biostatistical approaches, complemented with experimental studies to gain mechanistic insight in microbial ecology and host-microbe interactions. In addition, he will reinforce the collaborations within the Euregional Microbiome Center and beyond.

By fostering existing alliances and initiating new collaborations he envisions the further understanding on the exogenous and endogenous factors involved in microbiome assembly and maturation. This should ultimately guide successful (nutritional) interventions to establish and maintain a healthy microbiome for a healthy life. 

Furthermore, in close collaboration with clinical departments, John hopes to strengthen the translational research ranging from the discovery of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for non-communicable diseases to microbiome-based precision medicine. The latter encompassing the largely unexplored role of the microbiome in drug toxicity and response on a personal level. 
Lastly, metagenomic epidemiological approaches will be applied to monitor the acquisition and spread of antimicrobial resistance in various patient- and population-based cohorts across the globe.

Congratulations John and lots of success on behalf of the entire NUTRIM community.

John Penders