Jascha de Nooijer receives the Comenius Leadership Grant

Graduates today face increasing demands to work in interprofessional teams, yet they are mainly trained within their own field of study. This project addresses this gap by cultivating an interprofessional identity essential for interprofessional collaboration.

The project aims to develop education in which students from various undergraduate programs work together with healthcare professionals on sustainability issues (such as recycling and food choices in the canteen). This collaborative effort will not only cultivate an interprofessional identity but also develop collaborative competences, offer insights into future career opportunities, and make a meaningful contribution to society.

By addressing such complex challenges through multidisciplinary collaboration, we are creating a "dream team for a green future." Through this experience, students will gain a deeper understanding of their own profession and the professions of their peers. They will be inspired by an authentic learning environment that goes beyond traditional academic courses, enabling them to apply knowledge in real-world contexts. As a result, they will be better prepared for entering the job market or pursuing further graduate studies.

Congratulations to Jascha as well as the other team members: dr. Renee Stalmeijer, prof.dr. Simon Beausaert, prof.dr. Hans Savelberg, Fabienne Crombach and Maud Huynen.