Hannah Kakara Anderson won the Young Investigator Award

SHE congratulates Hannah Kakara Anderson, Instructor in General Pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and PhD Candidate at SHE/Maastricht University!

Hannah recently won the Young Investigator Award at the American Education Research Association's Division I  (Education in the Professions) for her paper and presentation entitled, "Inequity is Woven into the Fabric: A Discourse Analysis of Assessment in Pediatric Residency Training''. The paper has been published in Advances in Health Science Education:

Anderson, H.L., Abdulla, L., Balmer, D.F. et al. Inequity is woven into the fabric: a discourse analysis of assessment in pediatric residency training. Adv in Health Sci Educ 29, 199–216 (2024). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10459-023-10260-9