Join the introduction days (and INKOM)

You will be starting your studies at Maastricht University soon. For most first year bachelor’s and master’s students, this means the beginning of a new life; a new start at a university with a different way of studying, in an unknown city, a city where you will meet new people and you will have to learn to find your way around again. Not just at the faculty, the library and the sports centre, but also the student and study associations and the area in and around Maastricht.

To make your transfer to the university, the faculty and the city of Maastricht as smooth as possible, we will be organising introduction days:

  • the INKOM
  • the faculty introduction days

This year there will mostly be online activities. There will also be a number of activities within the university and city. Of course, the applicable COVID-19 measures will be taken into account. 

We also celebrate the new academic year with an event called 'Opening Academic Year'. 

Both INKOM and the faculty introduction days are important!

During the INKOM, you’ll meet new people and you’ll have the opportunity to get acquainted with student associations, student life and the city of Maastricht. During the faculty introduction days, the main emphasis will be on your programme of study and getting acquainted with your fellow students, your mentor and the faculty.

The INKOM 2020

The INKOM is the introduction week for all new students in Maastricht. You can participate in various activities and attend a broad range of parties during these five days. Online and offline. Under the supervision of two senior students you will plunge in student life during the INKOM: you get to know your fellow students, the city, the academic and cultural life of Maastricht.

Faculty introduction days

During the faculty introduction days, you’ll receive study-related information, and you’ll have the opportunity to get acquainted with the digital learning environment and your fellow students, but you’ll also learn all about the ins and outs of your faculty at Maastricht University.

Every faculty has their own programme. At most faculties, the introduction days are mandatory. You’ll receive a separate invitation to participate in the faculty introduction days. Some programmes also allow you to sign yourself up.

More information about these faculty introduction days will follow.

 Please note: at most faculties, participation in the faculty introduction days is mandatory!

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