Global reflections,<br>MHPE students about their MHPE experiences so far

Global reflections,<br>MHPE students about their MHPE experiences so far

What is it like to be a MHPE student. Hear it from the experts themselves who started their MHPE in 2015.

Alex Moroz, MD from MHPE NY

"I think that the following ingredients are necessary for a successful and happy student: love of educational scholarship, large store of intrinsic motivation, supportive boss, and a healthy dose of humility.

The program of study consistently and systematically utilizes the principles that are taught in the design of units and assignments; the content and the process are both educational. You learn by doing complex projects, some theoretical and some realistic and applicable to your workplace.

Some of the benefits I did not expect were training in systematic educational literature searching, scientific writing skills, using ‘mind-mapping’ tools, and document and reference management programs.

Being an MHPE student at Maastricht- New York has reenergized my work, normalized the challenges I face every day as a teacher and an educational leader, and allowed an opportunity to join an incredible group of talented and like-minded peers".

Javeed Sukhera MD, FRCPC from MHPE-CANADA

"The MHPE Canada has provided me with an opportunity to take time out of my busy clinical schedule to dedicate towards a deeper understanding of all aspects of medical education.

As a clinician-educator, I have been tasked with curriculum development for years but only now through the MHPE coursework I do believe I am gaining a sound understanding of curriculum development, learning theories and instructional design.

I am looking forward to going further as our cohort learns about assessment. I have already started approaching educational problems through a critical lens as I plan my thesis".

Shirley Ooi, Associate Professor  from MHPE Singapore

“Doing the MHPE programme as a part-time student but a full time clinician, teacher, administrator, wife and mother is indeed very challenging! The 3 weeks full time face to-face program for Unit 1 was useful in giving a ‘face’ to the programme where I got to meet some of the overseas and local faculty. It definitely helped build up a bond with my fellow classmates. The active WhatsApp group  form a community of learners to spur us on!

I guess there is no gain without some pain. While the assignments weigh on my mind almost all the time, extending to even my vacation, I have really leant quite a bit through active, self-directed learning, reading up the articles and then applying them to my assignments. The assignments are very ‘cleverly’ crafted and although very challenging to complete, they really helped me learn! Embarking on this programme requires discipline and resilience as there have been many nights when I fell asleep on my chair trying to complete my assignments”! 

Kitty Cleutjens, Associate Professor from MHPE Maastricht 

“Although I consulted many MHPE alumni in advance, the combination of the MHPE programme and my regular workload and other daily activities proved even more challenging than I expected. It is not solely the time actually spent on reading literature and completing the assignments but especially the fact that I recognize and apply so many of theories and principles studied thus far to my work. But also in my personal life, which makes that the MHPE weighs so prominently on my mind. To my opinion this illustrates the absolute strength of the programme. The MHPE is designed in such a way that the learning is often collaborative, always constructive and self-directed, student-centered and since it is situated in once own context immediately applicable and just in time as well. Although the road is expected to be long and bumpy, I am very happy to be on my way.”