Recognition of diploma's: mobility of specialised nurses IC

Recognition of diploma's: mobility of specialised nurses IC

Working across the border as a specialised IC nurse is not a matter of course. For this reason, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations requested Expertise Centre ITEM to study the cross-border mobility of specialised Intensive Care (IC) nurses; more specifically the recognition of diploma's.

In conclusion of its study, ITEM proposed a number of possible solutions related to the formulation of the quality standard, the comparison of training programmes in The Netherlands and Belgium, increased cross-border cooperation in healthcare and a follow-up study.

On Wednesday 7 March, ITEM researcher Lavinia Kortese presented the results of the report, and Prof. dr. Anouk Bollen, Director of ITEM, handed the report to State Secretary of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops during his work visit to the Scheldemond Euregion. During the same visit, Secretary of State Knops accredited Ghent University Hospital as a training location for specialised nurses1.

In the event of shortages in the labour market, the natural solution is to hire staff from across the border. This is no different for IC nurses. The case recently studied by ITEM was practical in nature: a Dutch hospital in the border region was facing a shortage of IC nurses similar to the shortage of Dutch applicants. The logical solution would have been to recruit IC nurses across the border. While Belgian candidates indeed applied for the positions, their appointment did not appear to be evident.