Influencer Law Clinic

The Influencer Law Clinic aims to clarify the rules that apply in influencer marketing and monetization of content on social media. We help influencers, agencies, brands, legislators and citizens to better understand what rights and responsibilities they have when they support, produce or consume creative. We so contribute to making the Internet safer.

Influencer Law Clinic - Introduction


Team members

  • Catalina Goanta | Academic coordinator
  • Stephan Mulders | Legal practice coordinator (NL)
  • Adrien Dubois | General manager
  • Nahomi Deltombe | Communication manager
  • Jalmari Männistö | Content manager
  • Popeye Mulders | Research manager
  • Alexandra Oancea | PR manager
  • Cora Liu | Content creator

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The Clinic offers pro bono services for a wide array of people and institutions affected by the legal uncertainty that comes with influencer marketing practices:

  • Legal profiling: Liaising with the Clinic’s legal practice coordinator, a practising Dutch lawyer, to profile and define the legal issues you experience, or to advise you on aspects such as concluding contracts, using different clauses in those contracts, etc.
  • Legal opinion: Providing you with a thoroughly researched legal opinion on the legal issues relevant to your case;
  • Legal action: Providing you with external options which you can use in the pursuit of the relevant remedies available in your case, should this need arise.

Given our language and legal expertise, we are currently offering services in the following countries: the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France and Romania. In addition, if you are from any other Member State of the European Union, we can advise you on European law applicable to influencer marketing, and if you are from the United States, we can give you an overview of case law and practices of the Federal Trade Commission. 

To open a case, all you have to do is contact us and schedule a Skype intake interview.

Are you an:

  • Influencer;
  • Influencer/PR/social media agency;
  • Brand;
  • Consumer authority;
  • Academic?

We can provide you with in-depth academic quality research on legal issues you are experiencing in the practice of influencer marketing. Just contact us, tell us about your issue, and we will allocate a student-officer to your case.

Environmental pledge

The Influencer Law Clinic endorses the social justice pledge launched by the University of York on environmental matters in two ways: 

  1. By raising awareness about sustainable consumption on social media through influencer marketing;
  2. By committing to run environmentally-friendly activities as part of the Clinic’s values.

‘Climate change is one of the most significant social justice issues we face. Its impacts will be felt most by the poorest and most vulnerable. As a student law clinic with a commitment to social justice, we commit to raising awareness of the issue of climate change in our teaching, research and activism; and to finding ways to support law students to contribute to the struggle for climate justice.’


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