Welcome (back) to FPN

Slowly, the COVID-19 regulations are allowing staff and students to return to the faculty on occasions. For students a hybrid system is in place, where 5 students per group are allowed on-campus, the rest on-line. However much we would like to see you, the base rule for all UM employees: ‘Working from home in principle and on campus in specific cases’ still is applicable. Please click here to see what this entails. 

At FPN, you have made agreements with your superviser on whether you can work on-campus and if so, on which days. If you have not yet made plans with your superviser, feel free to contact them to discuss the possibilities. If you’ve discussed a partially on-campus working schedule with your superviser and you are allowed to work on-campus, please follow the respective schedule in order for us to stay within the current maximum building capacity.

Below you'll find resources on the regulations and how to handle returning to the faculty.

Remember, if you are feeling unwell: stay home!

Education in Periods 3-6

On this webpage you'll find more information on what education will look like in Periods 3-6. For specific education questions, send a message via AspPsy.nl

Randwyck safety video

In this video, you'll find information about the health and safety regulations at our Randwyck campus to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Signing on campus

Throughout the buildings of the Randwyck Campus you'll find posters and route signing. It is important that you follow the regulations and instructions on these poster to ensure each other's safety.

In the building, walking routes are indicated with stickers. Please follow these routes in order to maintain distance and prevent crowds from forming. 

Working from home

"Working from home in principle; on campus in specific cases." This means that most work will still be done from home. Check out this webpage to learn how to set-up an ergonomically sound home office.

Summary of the safety protocol

You will find a summary of the UM COVID-19 safety protocol on the intranet.