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PhD project

Gladys Akom Ankobrey Trajectories of Young Lives: Life Chances of Transnational Youth in Global South and North (fieldwork in the Netherlands)
Rachel Allison Impact of the digital in medicine by ethnographically interrogating the role of pedagogical technologies in how novice doctors learn the skills of physical examination
Sarah Anschütz Trajectories of Young Lives: Life Chances of Transnational Youth in Global South and North (ethnographic fieldwork with Ghanaian youths in Antwerp, Belgium)

Marith Dieker

Talking You Through. Traffic Information and Car Radio, 1950s - now

Lisa van Diem

The transnational dynamic of Dutch and Belgian reform discussions on managing populations 1870-1920

Claudia Egher

Mental Health Expertise Online: The Enactment of Expertise on Bipolar Disorder on American and French Online Platforms

Joan van Geel

Mobile children: the effects of migration on children who circulate between Ghana and the Netherlands

Iona Goldie-Scot

Audience Participation in Performance-based Art

Afke Groen

Why Cooperate? The Politics of Transnational Party Cooperation

Marloes de Hoon

Mobility in Context

Daan Hovens

Identity and communication at the multilingual workplace in Dutch-German Euroregions

Jinhee Kim

What influence for EU agencies?: The role of expertise in European policy-making

Zahar Koretsky The Return of Discredited Technologies
Marie Labussière Legal status transitions and educational trajectories of immigrant descents
Christophe Leclerc The relation between citizenship acquisition and immigrants' social well being
Ester Serra Mingot Transnational Social Protection. How Sudanese migrants in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and their families in Sudan make use of social protection, locally and transnationally
Mayra Murkens Escaping bad health and early death, lnequalities and time lags in the Maastricht health transition, 1864-1955
Laura Ogden Trajectories of Young Lives: Life Chances of Transnational Youth in Global South and North (fieldwork in Hamburg, Germany)
Onallia Osei Trajectories of Young Lives: Life Chances of Transnational Youth in Global South and North (focus on Ghanaian youth mobility in a transnational context)

Nantke Pecht

The construction of social relationships through language practices in a coalminer's neighborhood: The use of Cité Duits

Floris Peters

The Citizenship Premium. Citizenship acquisition and socio-economic integration of immigrants in the Netherlands and Sweden

Veerle Spronck Symphonic Orchestras and their Audiences: Contemporary Participation in Practice
Karlien Strijbosch Challenging masculinities: The institution of marriage for young Senegalese migrant men under conditions of involuntary return to Senegal

Artemis Rüstau

Private Collections as Care-takers

Linnea Semmerling

Listening on Display. Exhibiting Sound Art 1960s-now

Dani Shanley Started15-08-2017
Pomme van de Weerd Linguistic Inequality and Globalization in a VMBO Class in Limburg

Sarah Weingartz

Conceptualizing Techno-Moral Change in Technology Assessment

Willemine Willems Sustainable Healthcare is Just Health Care: How do conflicting moral beliefs effect the implementation of healthcare
Andrea Wojcik How doctors learn: the case of Tamale, Ghana

PhD candidates, part-time PhD programme in European Studies, UM Campus Brussels


PhD project

Albi Alla

The privatization of diplomacy: The effectiveness of lobbying firms in the making of EU foreign policy

Elizabeth Ayre

Understanding the policy gap for children affected by parental incarceration: Why the transposition of their rights to family life and well-being by Member States and EU institutions is lagging or absent and what can be done to help bridge this gap

Mike Bostan

Electricity pricing in Europe and the influence of state policies

Guadalupe Perez Garcia The strategies of Morocco and the Polisario to influence the EU with regard to the Western Sahara conflict. Is the EU more responsive to ‘soft power’ techniques such as public diplomacy or to classic state-state diplomatic relations?

Thomas Huddleston

European citizenship in practice: Implementation and effectiveness of naturalisation policies across Europe

Paulina Kosc

Cooperation and competition in EU highly skilled migration policy

Ewa Mahr

Contestation of EU civilian missions by local actors: The case of the Western Balkans

Anastasia Mitronatsiou

The European Parliament"s evolving role in EU external relations Formal and informal tools used as lever to increase its powers

Francesco Morini The European Union Special Representatives as foreign policy tool: understanding the dichotomy between relevance on the ground and at the EU institutional level
Kian Navid UCITS Directive and AIFMD - an unlevel playing field? An examination of the consistency and coherence of the EU Single Rulebook with respect to Investment Management Regulation

Emmy Ruiter

Brokering and bargaining in the European Parliament. The contribution of Political Group Advisors to the process of decision making’