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In addition to standard master's programmes, Maastricht University offers a number of programmes for professionals. These range from Executive MBAs to training in the health professions. Most applicants are seeking post-graduate studies or have been active in the labour market for a substantial period of time. The majority of the programmes are part-time, allowing students to maintain their career while furthering their education.

The programmes in the overview below lead to a master’s degree. We also offer non-degree programmes and (short) courses for professionals. Please view the Other courses overview for more information.

For many post-graduate courses there are discounts for UM alumni. For more information, please see the programme of your choice. For other alumni services you can visit our alumni pages.



  • Epidemiology


    Epidemiology is absolutely fundamental for maintaining and improving public health. It is a fascinating field that utilises statistics, tracking methods and problem solving to study the origin and causes of diseases, and the effect of clinical interventions in a community. In the master's programme in Epidemiology you will study epidemiology in all of its different facets: calculating disease trends and probabilities, communicating findings to the public and policy makers, and designing and implementing interventions based on data. On completion of this master's, you are eligible for registration as a certified Epidemiologist A (Dutch registration system).

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  • Health Education and Promotion

    Health Food Innovation Management

    Are you interested in motivating individuals to maintain their health and wellbeing? Then the master's in Health Education and Promotion may be what you are looking for. You’ll learn how to develop and evaluate health education and promotion initiatives and you’ll develop communication strategies to disseminate these programmes to various audiences.

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  • Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management

    Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management

    As a Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management student, you will learn how to critically analyse health systems, and you’ll learn how to initiate, develop, manage and evaluate healthcare innovations. 

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  • Human Movement Sciences

    Global Health

    Do you have a keen interest in issues surrounding physical activity, ageing, health, nutrition and sports? Do you want to know how exercise and nutrition influences health and disease? Then Human Movement Sciences could be just the programme for you. 

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  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    The master’s in Mental Health combines theory of psychiatric disorders with a large amount of practical training. You can do a clinical internship at a mental healthcare institute or take supplementary master classes. After you’ve obtained your degree, you can continue on to a post-doctoral training programme and become a mental health psychologist or a psychotherapist. But you’ll also get all the training you need to become a PhD candidate. Other career paths include positions as a therapist, diagnostician, consultant or advisor in (special) education or working with the mentally disabled.

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  • Work, Health and Career

    Work, Health and Career

    In the Work, Health and Career programme, you’ll study what you can do to combat health complaints and promote wellbeing in the workplace. You’ll learn to develop cutting-edge interventions and strategies to ensure that people stay healthy throughout their career.

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