Data Science for Decision Making

Rankings & recognition

  • Data Science for Decision Making ranked 1st

    Data Science for Decision Making is ranked best Master's programme of the Netherlands in the 'Theoretical Masters for Computer Science'-category of the Dutch Master's guide: Keuzegids 2018.

    With a score of 88 points the programme tops the rankings, making it a top rated programme.

    Above national average National average Below national average
    Programme (+) Expert evaluation (0)  
    Examination (++)    
    Instructors (++)    
    Academic training (+)    
    Skills development (++)     
    Study programme feasibility (+++)    
    Study advice and guidance (++)    
    Facilities (+)    

    With a score of 88 points the programme received the 'top rated programme' seal.

    The Keuzegids Masters offers rankings of all master’s programmes in the Netherlands. These rankings are based on the results from the Dutch National Student Survey, combined with expert evaluations. The Keuzegids is published annually by the Dutch Higher Education Information Centre. It is an independent publication that allows you to compare all accredited master’s programmes in the Netherlands.

     Learn more on the Keuzegids website (in Dutch)  

  • 82% of students recommend this programme: Elsevier

    The Elsevier Best Studies Guide is published once a year by the Dutch magazine Elsevier. It contains student evaluations of each programme's education, contact hours, facilities, structure, instructors and assessment methods, as well as its organisation and communication. The guide is largely based on the results of the Dutch National Student Survey. 

    Here are some of the highlights from the Operations Research programme:

    • 82% of the students would recommend this programme to others
    • 75% of the students are satisfied or very satisfied with the instructors
    • 71% of the students are satisfied or very satisfied with the education

     For more information, visit the Elsevier website (in Dutch)  

  • UM is the fifth best young university in the world

    Maastricht University is placed fifth place in the 2018 Times Higher Education (THE) '200 Under 50' ranking for best young universities in the world. UM is proud to have its continued efforts, for example toward internationalisation, affirmed in this THE ranking. UM also scores a top 10 position (with 7th place) in the 2016 QS ‘Top 50 under 50’; ranking highest of all European universities. These special rankings for young universities are published to give an indication as to which universities are expected in the future to become the top universities worldwide. 

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