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  • Dutch (language course)

    Other couses - Dutch for German speakers, four modules

    If you study or work at Maastricht University or elsewhere in the region, you may want to learn Dutch for social reasons, or your boss may require it of you as a working language. This means you will need a level of Dutch that lets you communicate confidently and reasonably accurately. Our communicative approach helps you interact with relative ease and comfort in your everyday social and work interactions.

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  • Dutch for German speakers

    Language courses

    This Dutch course, divided into five modules, is for beginner, intermediate and proficiency levels and for different situations, including work, studies or holidays. You’ll focus on improving your speaking and listening skills as well as on grammar, reading and writing to support the learning process. The course consists of two-hour group lessons,  twice per week for 7 weeks or once per week for 14 weeks.

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  • Scholarships for a FREE language course German or French

    DE + FR
    Cross-border working

    Employers consider language skills as one of the most important skills for future graduates. There is an increasing demand in border regions for bi-lingual professionals for developing border trade. In short, mastering German or French creates business opportunities in German an French speaking countries, your own country and elsewhere. For that reason Maastricht University (UM) now offers a limited amount of scholarships for a free German course at B2 level or a free French course at B2 level.

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  • Strategic Management, Leadership and Organisational Change in Healthcare