Systems Biology

Would you like to learn how scientists can combine mathematics, biology and data science to tackle human health challenges? Then start the master's programme in Systems Biology. 

The field of systems biology is at the heart of modern biology and health research. It is dedicated to understanding the dynamic interactions between all the components of a living system. Just think of the interplay between, for example, our genes, proteins, cells and their environment. Systems biology connects all these factors through modelling, simulating and predicting biological processes in both health and disease - or to personalise medicine.

The MSc Systems Biology provides you with the necessary knowledge about the cornerstones of this field of study: mathematics and biology. You will learn to model biological systems in order to understand their functions, predict their behaviour and plan new, valuable experiments.

Cutting-edge research in molecular imaging, neurobiology, cardiovascular diseases or cancer cannot be done without the aid of systems biologists. The MSc Systems Biology will fully prepare you to take on your expert role in these exciting and important sectors, driving advances in human biology and health. Our mission is to train interdisciplinary scientists who have a broad view of biological systems, with a focus on one of Maastricht University’s research strengths: biomedical and human healthcare applications. The demand for systems biologists is only growing. Interested? Find out more here.


What’s our mission as a programme/field

We will teach you to be part of multidisciplinary teams of life scientists, data scientists and mathematicians. You will learn to understand and speak each other’s scientific language so you can work together at the centre of modern research in biology and human health.

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Meet our students and staff online or during one of our events and find out what it’s like to study in the MSc Systems Biology programme at UM.

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Master’s Programme Systems Biology – Maastricht University

  • Learning with others is a beautiful experience
    Caroline Collins (Scotland), Systems Biology