Work, Health and Career

Are you interested in a combination of occupational healthcare, organization/policy science and health education? Would you like to advise organisations and policymakers about the health and sustainable employability of employees? And would you like to help people stay healthy and productive throughout their career, also those with chronic diseases and other disabilities? Then you should consider getting a master’s in Work, Health and Career. The programme combines theories of health and labour participation with practical training, enabling you to formulate and implement health strategies and interventions. You’ll also learn how you can evaluate these strategies and interventions. As of the academic year 2022/2023 the programme will be updated in order to stay aligned with contemporary challenges in work, health and career and the changing world of work. Upon graduation, you’ll have all the knowledge and skills you need for a career in occupational health consultancy, management, policy-making and research.
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Sofie, studentambassadeur voor de master Work, Health and Career aan de Universiteit Maastricht

Ask a student

Meet Sofie: the student ambassador for the master's in Work, Health and Career.
On her Instagram account she shares her study programme experiences, moments of her life in Maastricht, and much more. Follow her to get a sneak peek of your possible future!

Also, if you have questions about the programme and/or about (student) life in Maastricht, don't hesitate to get in touch with Sofie through her Instagram page; she's happy to help you with your study choice, as previous student ambassadors helped her with hers.

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  • There is still a lot to be gained when it comes to advising companies how to make the healthiest choices the most attractive
    Iris (the Netherlands), Work, Health and Career
  • I want to educate people about a great work-life balance, to prevent stress and burn-out
    Shari (Danish/English/Dutch), Work, Health and Career
  • This programme is so unique, I was willing to uproot my entire life to come here
    Bruna Rinaldi (Brazil), Work, Health and Career
  • Reducing absenteeism by advising on how to create a healthier and happier workplace for their employees; that's my goal
    Elke Breugelmans (the Netherlands), Work, Health and Career
  • In my work I give advice on how to keep employees healthy and more aware of their lifestyle. My work is related to this master.
    Annemarijn Glasbergen, Work, Health and Career