Governance of Innovation -- Master's in Public Policy and Human Development (subtitles)

The Governance of Innovation

Ross Mudie, student: "It's not just about the technologies themselves, it's much more about actually how technology has an effect and how it can help us in the future."

Social Entrepreneurship & Public Policy -- Master's in Public Policy and Human Development

Social Entrepreneurship & Public Policy

Master's student Alex Lim: "Social entrepreneurship at the end of the day is not all about engaging in deep academics, it is actively improving the world through practical means. I always believe that effective policymaking, aside from requiring one foot in official policymaking bodies, requires policymakers to have another foot actively engaging in civil society."

Social Protection Policy -- Master's in Public Policy and Human Development (subtitles)

Social Protection Policy

Romina Rojas, student: "I would like to reduce inequality in my country, which is one of the most important challenges that we are facing. Social protection is about improving the well-being of the most disadvantaged populations. The specialisation gives you the skills to formulate a proposal that is technically viable but also politically feasible. This is exactly what I was looking for."

Risk & Vulnerability -- Master's in Public Policy and Human Development (subtitles)

Risk & Vulnerability

Jana Bernhard, student: "Why do all this research if you don't then use the results? At UNU-MERIT, I have the feeling that results are taken into account in doing something in the field. What we definitely learned was to draw maps that could be used to visualise information which is very important for risk communication because it gives people more information in a shorter time frame. Then we learned to use them to focus on a geographical area, a specific type of risk, a specific population even. I want to do research with an impact."

Migration Studies -- Master's in Public Policy and Human Development (subtitles)

Migration Studies

Soha Youssef, student: "I had professional experience in the field of migration but I needed to acquire the academic knowledge of the concept of migration and why people migrate. Maastricht University is one of the few universities that focuses on Migration as a specialisation. I want to contribute to achieve a safer environment for all."

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  • The Governance of Innovation

  • Social Entrepreneurship & Public Policy

  • Social Protection Policy

  • Risk & Vulnerability

  • Migration Studies