Master’s programmes

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  • Health Professions Education

    MA programme health professions education

    This two-year, part-time programme is largely based on distance learning. The focus is on exploring the interrelationship between educational theory, research and educational practice. This programme will help you become one of the educational leaders of the future.

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  • Learning and Development in Organisations

    Management of Learning

    Learning and Development in Organisations (formerly named Management of Learning) is a multidisciplinary programme that combines elements from economics, business, human resource management and learning sciences. The programme will introduce you to the key concepts of learning and development in the workplace. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the knowledge challenges facing today’s businesses and you’ll learn how to find innovative and effective solutions.

    A Pre-master for Learning and Development in Organisations is under development. This Pre-master's programme is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university Master's degree in International Business.

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