Politics and Society

What is the meaning of citizenship in modern culture? What is the value of democracy? What does today's sociopolitical atmosphere mean for the future of liberty itself? Given the current international backdrop of cultural conflicts, political strife and radical new technologies, a thorough understanding of such issues is more urgently needed than ever. In the master's programme in Politics and Society, you will gain insight into how culture has become a source of concern and conflict in the national and international political arenas. You will also explore the different professional roles a student of politics and society can play in political organisations, in the media or in think tanks.

You can choose to follow this programme completely in English or completely in Dutch. You will get an MA in Arts and Culture with a specialisation in Politics and Society.

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Guy Renet, Student Ambassador Politics and Society

Guy is from the Netherlands and chose Maastricht University for the Master’s programme Politics and Society. “As an active student who likes to participate it’s great to study at FASoS because discussions and an active attitude is very much appreciated here. I chose Politics and Society because I was looking for a study that dealt with the bigger issues in the world, so not just economics but also for example the future of economics from a more philosophical standpoint. I want to bring about change, particularly in the area of the environment, where people need to be made aware of the necessity of preservation.”

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Guy Renet, Ambassador Master Politics and Society

“I love taking an active part in the philosophical debate about the bigger issues in the world.”

  • This programme provides a very good way to combine arts and politics, which are my biggest passions
    Erica Petrillo, Politics and Society